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  • poolife® 3″ Cleaning Tablets

    poolife® 3″ Cleaning Tablets Stabilized Chlorinator are similar to poolife® 1″ Cleaning Tablets Stabilized Chlorinator, only different in size. The tablets are slow dissolving and long lasting and kill bacteria, control algae and protect your pool’s chlorine from sunlight degradation.
  • poolife® 6-Way Test Strips

    Each strip tests for Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness and Cyanuric Acid levels. Simple to use, one-dip test strip with easy to read color chart on vial.
  • poolife® Active Cleaning Caplets

    Convenient and easy to use, poolife® Active Cleaning® Caplets Chlorinator is for use in your pool skimmer. The unstabilized caplets are wrapped in plastic so you never have to touch the chlorine. Although identical in chemical composition to poolife® Active Cleaning® Granules Chlorinator, the unique shape and plastic wrap of poolife® Active Cleaning® Caplets Chlorinator provides convenient long-lasting routine chlorination (2 – 5 days, depending upon water conditions). poolife® Active Cleaning® Caplets Chlorinator is the first step in the 3-step proprietary poolife® Active Cleaning® Caplet System.
  • poolife® Active Cleaning Granules

    Fast acting poolife® Active Cleaning® Granules chlorinator is effective at destroying bacteria, controlling algae and at destroying organic contaminants – keeping your pool clean and healthy. It can be used for daily maintenance or weekly shock treatment.
  • poolife® Algae Ban 2 (Recommended with poolife NST)

    poolife® AlgaeBan II Algaecide is long-lasting and one treatment will prevent algae growth in your swimming pool for up to three months. Your pool water will sparkle like never before!
  • poolife® AlgaePhos Algaecide®

    poolife® AlgaePhos algaecide is a multi-action formula that prevents algae growth and reduces phosphate levels in your pool water.  Compatible with any type of pool sanitizer.
  • poolife® Alkalinity Plus

    poolife® Alkalinity Plus balancer raises the total alkalinity of swimming pool water. The ideal total alkalinity range is 60-120 ppm. Maintaining total alkalinity below 60 ppm may cause the pH to fluctuate excessively.
  • poolife® Back To Blue™

    If you are experiencing an algae bloom, which has turned your pool green, the poolife® Back to Blue® shock system can turn your pool sparkling blue again. This two-part system destroys the bacteria and algae that have taken over your pool and then makes it easy to vacuum out. At the start of the season, or if an algae bloom occurs during the season, the pool can be treated and returned to its clear blue appearance within 24 hours by using poolife® Back to Blue® I and poolife® Back to Blue® II as part of the poolife® Back to Blue®shock system.
  • poolife® Backwash Filter Cleaner

    Poolife® Backwash Filter cleaner when used during the backwash cycle will remove for dirt, debris, oils and organic material that just backwashing alone. It will make every backwash count and lengthen the life of your filter sand.
  • poolife® Bromine +

    poolife® Bromine + is a form of brominating hydantoin for pools. It is easily adapted to many erosion feeders used to automatically treat both commercial and residential pools. It doesn’t reduce pH or affect calcium hardness. Can be used in feeders, floaters and skimmers.
  • poolife® Calcium Plus (93%)

    poolife® Calcium Plus raises the calcium hardness of swimming pool water. The ideal calcium hardness range is 200-500ppm. Maintaining calcium hardness below 200ppm may cause corrosion of metal and plaster surfaces.
  • poolife® Cell Protect™

    poolife® Cell Protect Maintenance Product has been designed to work with your salt system to prevent deposits from forming on the cell and corrosion of electrodes, reducing the efficiency or worst yet, damaging the electrodes of your system.

Showing 25–36 of 60 results