Brilliance® for spas Sanitizer


Brilliance Sanitizer  is Ideal for all spa and hot tub surfaces. This all bromine formulation has less odor than traditional bromine tablets and less affect on pH
  • 1.5 lbs.
How To Use For Startup

Make sure your water is balanced and ph is between 7,.2 and 7.8. Add Brilliance Start up Packet. Then fill your Brilliance floater with Brilliance Sanitizer and adjust per manufacturers directions test and adjust the feed rate on floater until a 2-4 ppm free bromine level is achieved it is now safe to enter the spa once this level is achieved and maintained.

Maintenance Dose

Balance water weekly and test and top up the sanitizer in your Brilliance floater as needed. Make sure to maintain a 2-4 ppm bromine level.

Compatible With

Bromine and Chlorine based Spa Systems and mineral systems


Low Odor , less ph adjustment, softer on skin than traditional bromine systems